Lakeview Stable is 100 acres of horse heaven. The environment is casual, friendly, and family oriented. Our boarders help one another with each other's horses. The peaceful view of the lake and mountains truly melt away life's stress! Boarding offerings include:

  • 60 Acre mixed live-in pasture with supplemental feed
  • 10 Acre mare pasture with supplemental feed
  • Large paddocks and shelters for single or multiple horses
  • Stalls with extra large attached paddocks

Stalls are cleaned 6 days a week with shavings 2 times per week. Paddock stall areas are cleaned 6 days a week with shavings 2 times per week; the rest of the paddocks are cleaned every other day.

Proof of current vaccinations and worming is required for ALL horses boarded at Lakeview. First month board plus last month deposit, including trailer fees, is required.

Contact one of the Lakeview managers for a board application and tour of the facilities.



Board Options

  • Barn stalls
  • Ranch clean paddocks 
  • Self clean paddocks
  • Live in pastures

Other Services

Trailer Parking - Trailer parking is available to current boarders only on a space available basis. 

  • Horse trailer  $20/month 
  • Additional vehicles $45/month

Turn Out - Turn out fees are paid directly to ranch hands who do the turn out.  Horses are turned out by 10 am and brought in by 3 or 4 pm for feeding. 

  • 2 days a week turnout /month
  • 3 days a week turnout /month
  • 4 days a week turnout /month
  • 5 days a week turnout /month




Lakeview Stable is a horse boarding community located in San Jose, California

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